Volley Against Violence! Three Years and counting…

Hesperia Girls Volleyball team started it, and now Grant, Fremont,  Newaygo, and White Cloud keep it going!  Thank you to those young women in Newaygo County who are making a difference and using their voices to help save families from violence.

Be a part of the solution. 

 Volley Against Violence 2014 video

Anastasia Klimovitz is the student who has put together these three videos to help raise awareness. We are very grateful and very proud!



Last year, the awesome girls’ volleyball team in Hesperia, MI created this wonderful video for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. All of the ideas were their own. They did a great job of turning an unattractive topic into an empowering video!

This year they spread the news to all of Newaygo County’s schools.  Not just one team, but many…

Newaygo Co DVAM 2013

Thanks ladies!

Can you have your school raise awareness like this?  Do you want to participate in making your world a safer place?  

Call WISE  800-374-9473

  • Our Mission

    Women’s Information Service Inc. (WISE) provides crisis intervention and support services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence by empowering individuals, children and families along with our community partners to reclaim their sense of self.

  • What Is Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence is an increasingly visible social and legal problem that includes physical abuse, verbal abuse and stalking.
    Domestic violence is a crime! It not only endangers the health and safety of the immediate victims, child and adult, but spills out into our schools, the police and our places of work. Domestic violence is never the fault of the victim.

  • What is Sexual Assault?

    Sexual assault includes rape in any form, forced sexual contact and sexual harassment. Sexual assault is a crime of violence, not sex, and can happen to anyone regardless of economic status or appearance. No one asks to be sexually assaulted.