Job Opportunity @ WISE Children’s Advocate

Women’s Information Service, Inc.

Staff Position Description

Children’s Advocate

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: In no particular rank or order.

  1. Provide supportive activities for children and parents, both in the shelter and non-residential programs.
  2. Provide advocacy services for children with other agencies and systems.
  3. Provide parenting support to both shelter and non-residential parents.
  4. Assist parents as needed in the facilitation of referrals for children.
  5. Facilitate the development of safety planning with children and parents.
  6. Facilitate group activities for shelter children and their parents.
  7. Respond to crisis and information/referral calls.
  8. Consult with parent and other staff regarding needs of children and coordinate with parent and/or other staff.
  9. Participate in appropriate meetings, committees and projects to benefit clients and the organization.
  10. Conduct speaking engagements and public awareness activities with various agencies, organizations and civic groups as requested.
  11. Maintain appropriate client and organizational paperwork.
  12. Rotate back-up responsibilities with other designated staff.
  13. Attend and participate in the Women’s Information Service, Inc. staff meetings as scheduled.
  14. Other duties as assigned by the Program Director or Executive Director.



Professional:                Minimum of Associate’s Degree in a Human Services related field, and

two years’ experience working with children.


Experience:                 Knowledge of and interest in women’s issues, particularly the dynamics and laws pertaining to domestic and sexual violence.

Communication:          The ability to speak and write clearly using proper spelling and grammar.

Technical:                    Ability to utilize a personal computer and demonstrate familiarity with Microsoft programs.

Other:                          Possession of a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and reliable transportation.



SALARY AND CLASSIFICATION: Range: $22,000 – $25,000 Full-time, Non-Exempt.

BENEFITS: Paid time off and health benefits available after introductory period.

SCHEDULE: Fluctuates according to shelter occupancy; standard business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday but may require 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Sunday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Women’s Information Service, Inc,  is an Equal Opportunity Employer


  • Our Mission

    Women’s Information Service Inc. (WISE) provides crisis intervention and support services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence by empowering individuals, children and families along with our community partners to reclaim their sense of self.

  • What Is Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence is an increasingly visible social and legal problem that includes physical abuse, verbal abuse and stalking.
    Domestic violence is a crime! It not only endangers the health and safety of the immediate victims, child and adult, but spills out into our schools, the police and our places of work. Domestic violence is never the fault of the victim.

  • What is Sexual Assault?

    Sexual assault includes rape in any form, forced sexual contact and sexual harassment. Sexual assault is a crime of violence, not sex, and can happen to anyone regardless of economic status or appearance. No one asks to be sexually assaulted.