What to Do if You Witness Violence

Community Support Center WISE Advocates on Behalf of Domestic Abuse Victims

In a world that is more interconnected than ever before, the significance of checking in on the wellbeing of friends and neighbors cannot be overstated. Staying up to date on resources in your area for those experiencing domestic or sexual abuse is vital for the health and safety of your community.

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Women’s Shelters Don’t Only Serve Women

Meet the Non-Profit That Supports All Survivors

A common and sometimes costly misconception persists concerning women’s shelters. It goes something like this: a woman flees an abusive relationship during an emergency situation and finds solace in a shelter until she is able to make arrangements to live on her own. While this scenario does occur, it’s rarely this simple and it happens…

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WISE Inc.: Helping Women Find Their Way To Freedom

Margaret is an incredible mom to two daughters. She knows her worth, is confident in her abilities, and knows she and her daughters are worthy of living their lives in a violence-free home. It wasn’t always this way—and for a time, it felt like this reality could never be. 

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