If you would like to support WISE through a donation of items, below is a list of items our shelter needs. All donations are greatly appreciated, but we cannot accept certain donations at the shelter. We cannot accept any open or unsealed donations of food, cosmetics or hygiene supplies.

Items may also be donated through our Walmart registry.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact us at 231-796-6600.

Food Items

  • Canned meats- tuna, chicken, ham, Spam, salmon, etc.
  • priority Pasta/rice sides
  • Canned vegetables
  • Diced tomatoes
  • priority Pasta sauces
  • Jello/pudding mix or cups
  • priority Peanut butter
  • priority Jam/jelly
  • priority Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken helper
  • Shelf stable juice/ drink mix
  • priority Coffee/creamer
  • Breakfast items- cereal/oatmeal/grits/pancake mix/ syrup
  • priority Kid friendly snack items – microwave macaroni and cheese cups, fruit cups, granola bars, sandwich crackers, chips, Pop Tarts, etc.
  • priority Canned pastas- ravioli, spaghetti, SpaghettiOs, etc.
  • priority Baking items- Flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, cake mix, frosting, corn bread mix, additions for cookies like nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc
  • priority Any gluten free/dairy free food items


  • Gift sets for women and children for birthdays and holidays
  • Headphones
  • Night lights
  • Throw blankets
  • Nail grooming
  • Hair products


  • Bleach wipes
  • Bathroom cleaner and sanitizer
  • Household cleaners- kitchen/bathroom/ deodorizers/disinfectants
  • Dishwasher tabs/powder
  • Laundry powder/liquid detergent/dryer sheets (no laundry cleaning pods please)


  • Garbage bags (13gal/33gal)
  • Freezer/storage bags
  • Foil/plastic wrap
  • Bath towels
  • Kitchen towels/dish towels
  • priority Twin comforters/sheets
  • priority Pillows/pillow cases
  • Twin/full air mattresses


  • priority Q-tips
  • priority Toilet paper
  • priority Paper towels
  • Facial tissue
  • priority Baby wipes
  • priority Diapers (especially larger sizes and pull-ups)
  • Baby powder (cornstarch not talc)
  • priority Shampoo/Conditioner
  • priority Body wash
  • priority Baby/kid body wash/shampoo
  • priority Children’s toothpaste
  • First aid supplies