Empowering people to create violence free communities.


Women’s Information Service Inc. (WISE) provides advocacy , safety options, and support services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and sex trafficking. WISE empowers individuals and families through respect and equality, and works toward strengthening our communities through awareness, prevention and education.

Statement of Beliefs

We believe…

  • In the equality of all people.
  • Domestic violence and adult sexual assault are crimes that affect individuals, families and society.
  • Domestic violence and adult sexual assault are the result of one individual’s desire to control another individual.
  • Ending domestic and sexual violence begins by creating an environment of tolerance and empowerment.
  • Individuals who choose violence must be held accountable.

New WISE Branding

If you’ve known WISE for a while, you may remember our previous branding. The previous branding was targeted to mainly women, as the brand was called WISE, Women’s Information Service, Inc. Over time, we have found that we help a wide range of individuals from many different backgrounds, regardless of gender. We wanted our rebrand to represent this. The new branding utilizes bold typography, vibrant colors, and empowering imagery that will represent strength to our audience regardless of their demographic.

WISE Against Violence Logo and People Symbol

The WISE People Symbol represents the individual survivor of domestic or sexual violence and how WISE is there to support them. When the symbol is repeated in a band, it represents the strength in numbers when survivors come together.