WISE’s Outreach Program is designed to serve clients who do not need emergency shelter. Outreach services are available to both men and women. Depending on a client’s need, they may be connected with an outreach advocate, legal advocate or sexual assault outreach advocate.

Outreach advocates are available to assist with divorce and custody matters, housing needs, and individual support.

Legal advocates are available to accompany clients to court or police interviews, and to assist clients in filing personal protection orders or police reports. However, our legal advocates CANNOT provide free legal representation. If you are in need of free representation, we can connect you to West Michigan Legal Aid for an assessment.

Sexual assault advocates offers the same support as the legal and outreach advocates, but they are also available for medical advocacy and support during sexual assault forensic exams.

WISE advocates are not attorneys and cannot represent clients in court. However, advocates can work alongside attorneys to support clients through any legal process, and can help clients find legal representation if they need it.