Throughout the year, WISE advocates lead classes for clients in Mecosta, Osceola and Newaygo counties. Class topics include pattern changing, parenting and general group support.

Pattern Changing

Pattern Changing is a 14-week group course led by a WISE advocate in each of the three counties served by WISE. Pattern Changing is designed for survivors of domestic violence who are not currently in crisis. The curriculum is survivor-centered, and focuses on the power survivors possess to change the course of their lives. This focus is essential in helping survivors to build the energy and motivation they need to break out from negative patterns and relationships.

Advocates schedule Pattern Changing courses throughout the year. To enroll in a group, call the hotline at (231) 796-6600 to speak to an advocate.

Parenting Courses

The classes focus on increasing parenting skills, connecting mothers to other mother and local resources, supporting mothers in using self-care skills and supports relationships between mothers and their children.

Research using brain imaging technologies reveals that mothers who participate in this course show alterations in their brain activity that are consistent with a capacity for greater empathic responding to their own children.

To enroll in these classes, contact your WISE advocate or call the hotline at (231) 796-6600 to speak to an advocate.

Alternatives to Violence (ATV): Batterer Intervention

WISE contracts with facilitators to run Alternatives to Violence. The curriculum provides a 26-session program for male participants interested in ending all forms of abuse to their families while providing them with the tools needed to change abusive behavior.

Classes are held in Mecosta and Osceola Counties. To register for classes in Mecosta and Osceola counties, call (231) 796-6600.